Page 13 Might Be a Little Late.

27th Apr 2017, 2:34 AM

Hey guys, I have a news update for all of you who are anxiously awaiting for Page 13 to be uploaded. I'm sorry for making you guys wait this long but at least I was able to set a more realistic release date this time xD. Anyway, I'm actually almost done with the page, and I would've finished early for a change, but other responsibilities have been keeping me busy lately. So, again I'm really sorry guys but don't worry because the wait will be over soon. I'll also start updating more often on my Instagram (, and the Official Heroes in Training Facebook Page ( to keep you all updated on the next page's progress. Hopefully, I'll be done with Page 13 by tomorrow, or Saturday. I hope you guys find the eventual conclusion of Issue 1 worth the wait, because after Page 13 there's just 8 more pages to go till the next issue! Till then heroes, keep on training!